Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

This month is my birthday, besides thinking of getting older I am counting my blessings. I look around and see my children, they are happy and healthy. While we may not have everything we want in our family, we have all we need. I am so thankful that I get to do what I love here at Silver Spoon Scraps. Running a business yourself has its ups and downs but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I make my own rules, hours and sometimes the pay is good! I do it because I love it and that is what matters. I can't think of anything I really need for my birthday, I do have my eye on some antique goodies and always more supplies. I have to tell you I am looking forward to hearing my children sing " happy birthday" more than anything! My daughter is loving the non-stop Christmas music on the radio lately and has really gotten the feel for " Santa claus is coming to town" she really hits a high note on the town part so I am imagining how my Birthday song will be! I love this time of year and I love my family I hope each of you have a wonderful holiday season and Happy Birthday to any of you fellow December babies!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lollishops coming soon!

Wanted to post and let you know about the great new place to shop,

The place for all things romantic, yummy, sweet, pink and artsy! I am so excited to be a vendor and I cannot believe the talent that I am surrounded by. If you have a shop or a lovely product why don't you apply today? You can also visit their blog to learn more about the shops, criteria and opening day.

Lollishops would love to hear from you, if you decide to join or visit their blog please mention you heard it here from Silver Spoon Scraps! Thank you, hope to see you around on the Lollishops! Have a wonderful day,


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sock Monkey Hats!

Sock Monkey's are hot.... Again! I received a custom order last week to incorporate a sock monkey into my cupcake party hats. I love a challenge and adore working with new ideas! I decided to make my monkey out of felt and put him atop a crepe paper cupcake! I say what monkey could be sad sitting with all that frosting? My mind has been jumping all day thinking of all the other fun characters I could be creating out of felt so who knows what you might see next?

I love my job have I told you that? I love being part of celebrations nearly every day. How can you not smile when you know you are creating a hat or special keepsake for a celebration. I have so much to be thankful for and despite this crazy world when I get ask to be part of an event by creating a special piece I know the world is not all bad and there is so much good out there. People are still having parties, babies are being born, people are joining their lives together and my heart is full. Whatever you do take a minute to be thankful for all you have and don't forget
to smile. Don't give up and don't let the news get you down.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Halloween Projects

I have been away tooo long my blog friends! I hope you did not give up and forget about me, rest assured I have been thinking of you! I have been traveling and busy with the new bedding line. I am in the process of working on my business plan and trying to find Angel investors who would be a good match for Silver Spoon Scraps. The business side of my job isn't so much fun so I have tried to take a few breaks by creating some new Halloween goodies and of course fueling up with ice cream. Ice cream is an essential component to writing a well rounded business plan I am told. Feel free to do your own research.

I love this time of year when the air has a slight nip, the leaves begin to turn and the stores are filled with spooky treats. Don't forget the overload of fall festivals to enjoy! My family loves getting out and sampling the fares. I have never met a caramel apple I didn't like or a fried pastry of any kind.

Why does this post seem to have a food theme? I guess fall brings out the baker/taster in me. My town will host two festivals this month and the kiddos are thrilled. Last weekend we did the Kentucky Heritage festival where there were FAB local artist and a grand opening of the Art Sanctuary. I think I will try and set up next year. We will also attend the fall festival next weekend where I hope to find some pumpkins for fall decorating. I love buying local and supporting our farmers who work so hard.

I will sign off with a few photos of my Halloween creations, I hope to offer more in the next few weeks so check the website! First up is a Halloween paper crown that features a vintage cat from my Victorian scap pile. I am also sharing my witchy hat that has the spookiest photo of some kiddos lookin' kind of creepy! I have embellished with vintage millinery, lots of glittery crepe paper and a vintage "Halloween" scrap, Both are available for sell on the site or my etsy. You may also email for custom Halloween treats
Happy creating/baking/tasting to each of you!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Silver Spoon Scraps products in Romantic Homes Bed and Bath!

It has been a while since my last post, I know I have good reasons though! I have been working on new projects, spending time with the kiddos, and trying to get organized for the show. Which is no easy task when you are me! I am a bit of a sloppy gal when it comes to my supplies I must admit. So the office has gotten some much needed attention, though my paperwork pile is just as high!

Now for the juicy bit..... Three of my products were featured in the new Romantic Homes Bed and Bath special Issue!They featured our Vintage Baby Girl Scrapbook, Our vintage inspired baby boy nursery wall hanging and our breakfast, lunch and dinner embroidered bib set! All items are on sale on my site with a special discount! I want to say thank you to the editors for including my products. This is a lovely magazine with tons of great decorating tips, yummy bedroom photos and they included some darling nurseries this time around! I am just tickled to be in there and I love kids rooms tips and just know you all will love it too!

One of my latest projects is this Keepsake Covered Box and Doll Creation, I had so much fun creating her clothes and headpiece. This is the kind of project that feeds my soul and makes me smile! It was like being a kid again and it will be hard to part with her, she will be available on soon or you can email me to inquire

She started with a vintage dress me doll from the 50's and I made her into a cone base, her secret is she doubles as a tree topper! Can't you just picture her atop your grand girly Christmas tree! Her dress features vintage fabrics and trims along with a scrumptious rose trim that makes her skirt. She is oodles and oodles of pink! I also created the matching box( included with her) with darling vintage ribbons, millinery flowers where she will proudly stand and make sure your room meets its whimsy quota! They will be sold as a set, and will display beautifully in their new home. I cannot think of a more fitting Birthday gift for the special gal in your life!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Nursery Collage
Mini Diaper Cake

Thank you to all who left so many kind comments about my Atlanta Gift Show Market Trip! You all made my week. I have been super busy filling orders and preparing for yet another show! I thought it wouldn't happen but I finally got into the ABC Show in Las Vegas which is a private trade show for juvenile products. I will be taking along my baby bedding and keeping my fingers crossed! I have to thank several of the gals of MMP for helping me make this happen.

Make Mine Pink is doing their Pink Fridays again and this Friday is one I get to participate in, each week they do a themed shopping expereince and so far I haven't had to many products but this week is Nifty Nurseries so I have may have a thing or two!

I am going to share with you some of my newest creations I made just for this event. I found these darling stork scraps and had to use them this week so I came up with- The stork is coming paper crowns made from vintage sheet music.

I also want to take a minute and plug some info about the MMP first annual retreat, it will be a great opportunity for anyone who has a small business already or maybe is thinking about it. I am not sure yet if I will be able to attend, my September is filling up and my son is starting school this year so we will see! I cannot believe he will be leaving me everyday, I have always been home with my babies so I am sure I will be crying and he will be jumping for joy! This has been a big year for changes in my family with me working more and traveling and now school. I hope you all have been enjoying your summer and maybe throwing in a few of those lazy days of summer in.

Heres all the info you will need about the retreat, I can promise you will have a good time not just your average business retreat! Please visit for additional details.

You’re Invited to attend
Make Mine Pink presents the first annual
Make Mine Pink "Getting Down to Business" retreat in historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia on September 19-20, 2008. Join the Women of MMP, who are always willing to welcome, mentor and help build a circle of friendship.
This is an energized opportunity to network, and gain or enhance business knowledge in a fun and inspiring way~ plus we will have lots of fun, great food, great friends, great information! Casual dress required… stuffiness and worries must be left at home! Make an investment in your business today.
Please come~ MMP welcomes you
Colonial WilliamsburgWilliamsburg Lodge310 S. England StreetWilliamsburg, VA 231851-800-HISTORY (447-8679)
September 19-20, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

To Market, To Market

Wow What a Week! As some of you know this past week was my first trip ever to the Atlanta Gift Show. I went as a vendor debuting my new baby bedding line and bringing along my party hats. It was such a whirlwind week, between traveling, setting up and talking my voice out! Not to mention meeting some super sweet people along the way. The other vendors were super and oh so helpful. I learned sooo much from just being there and listening to their experiences and advice. I went to get some exposure for my baby bedding line which is of course all vintage inspired, I have been working so long on bringing this all together and it was nice to finally share it and get some feedback. Do tell me what you think!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Janet of Shabby FuFu! She came to market to stock her lovely website. She is a beautiful lady and her Hubby was her sidekick for the show. They are a wonderful couple and she is someone I definately admire. She has created a booming site and tons of admiring fans of her style.

On Monday my plans to meet Jenn of Eye Candy Creations came about, oh what a darling! She came to the show to meet me and got to see my little booth then she whisk me away to a FAB dinner. We had lots to talk about both being crafty gals and mommies! I enjoyed her company sooo much and it was a nice way to end my time spent in Atlanta. She made my time away more enjoyable and I think we could have talked all night! Don't you love the pic of Jenn and Me? Our outfits were so similiar and we have never met before! You can tell I look exhausted, being on your feet all day selling your products is no easy task. I am currently recouping at home well sort of my glue gun is in overdrive again!

I made some wonderful contacts and of course I am up to my eyeballs in party hats it is a party hat party around here with crepe paper a flying! I missed my family terribly why I was away and got a taste of traveling. It would have been so nice if they could have come along and been there at the end of the day. I am happy to be home and back in my own bed and chatting with so many of you. I enjoyed my first trip to market and hopefully this won't be my last show, who knows where I will end up next! I couldn't believe the shopping there, so much to see and buy! Thank you to all of you who have sent me well wishes and helped in any way. I could not have done this alone without all the support of family and friends!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Jess, Nicole, Me

Me, Summer

Brad, Jess

Added Elliot's Pic in with the collage of "Greats"

Isn't this gorgeous! Well if you like old Silos I guess

This past week has been busy but I also got a little fun time in! I was asked to complete a vintage themed scrapbook for Angelina of Angelina's Cards well her son Elliot actually! She wanted a little something special for her darling son since he made his All star team! I went right to work and created a book for him with a chipboard cover which I painted and distressed to match his team color and to resemble the worn look of a worn catchers mitt. Inside I added Elliot's pictures and a few vintage goodies, Angelina emailed me some great finds too. I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration for your next project! I love doing custom work like this and I am currently working on a vintage themed military scrapbook I will share that with you sweets as soon as I finish which needs to be yesterday!

Ok this weekend was also my 10 year high school reunion!( thats why you are listening to a few tunes from 98') I can't believe it snuck up on me. I wasn't going to attend due to my schedule but the last minute I loaded up the kids and back to my hometown we went. I dropped the kids off with their Mimi ( my hubby's mother) she was thrilled to see them since we live away and then off to the reunion. I was so excited to see some of my old friends we never get to hang out with jobs, kids and just life I know you know how that is. It was odd not having the kids and actually getting to finish a sentence and not taking anyone to the potty!

A few of my high school BF's were there and catching up with them was just the boost I needed to get through the coming weeks with last minute preparations for Market. It has been all work no play for sometime now. We of course laughed about way back when stories including some bad hair and outfit choices, danced a little, shared photos of the kiddos and chatted the night away! My BFF Jess just got engaged so that was an exciting topic. She has ask for some planning help and I am looking forward to that. She loves vintage and wants to add a little whimsy instead of the usual wedding stuff. I am sooo looking forward to this! I can really sink my teeth into that job!

Last but not least I am sharing a photo of a gorgeous night last week, my view from our porch is that of an old farm and the silo was just gorgeous surrounded in the pink skies! My son loves the silo and insist on asking us to build one. You see we grew a small garden this year but to him it's our farm and evidently a farm just cannot be without a silo? He has also insisted on chickens for fresh eggs, this coming from the boy who checks out almost every egg carton at the grocery for baby chicks. I am trying to explain the process but he just tells me one day he will find a chick in the carton!