Friday, February 6, 2009

Springing Ahead

I have been MIA for sometime it has been a busy month for my family with the holidays and our Birthdays! Miss Priya just turned 3 and I couldn't be prouder! We are also recovering from a snow and ice storm that has left many without power for two weeks! My heart and prayers are going out to these families and I hope you will keep them in yours as well. It is the bitter cold that makes it so bad. I am thrilled with todays weather and I am hoping this warming trend continues! I am a solar powered gal and I need the sun and warmth to feel like myself.
I have also been creating new items for my website by adding matching items to the party hats. I have been working on cupcake picks, centerpieces, banners and oodles of pretties! I will share pics soon of the new merchandise!
I have been staying busy with wholesale orders and I am happy that these small boutiques are still doing well and choosing to carry my products. I have also been staying current with the new lead laws and beyond thrilled they decided to wait til next year to enforce new testing standards. I know these laws were intended for the big buys and toys produced in China but these laws were about to shut down the handmade industry here in the USA! I thought Silver Spoon Scraps was about to be shut down for a while but this news keeps me in business along with the 1,000's of others who make their living by creating and selling goods for children.

I hope each of you who read have a blessed day. I will share a few pics of my sweetie and her Birthday at Chuckie Cheese.