Friday, June 12, 2009

New Puppy

I went and got the new puppy itch similiar to that I want a baby feeling. With two kiddos and a cat we decided our house wasn't a home without a puppy! I did some research and just fell in love with the Old English Sheep Dog. From their irresistable shaggy coat to their need to be in a car I knew it would be a fit. I was lucky to find a breeder not too far from home and off we went to pick up our new family member. Bam Bam was his name given by his breeder and we decided to keep it, even though horse would have fit just as well. He has some personality! I am pretty sure he thinks the kids are sheep and really wants to herd them! We are working on his relationship with the cat (Lazlo) but so far Bam Bam's approach is a little overwhelming for Mr. kitty. Sheep dogs have this clownish hop jump thing when they are playing that the cat just doesn't like. We are on day three and while we love the playful days the nights are hard. He just wants to be close to us and is resisting the crate training. He spends the night whining and whimpering. I am crossing everything that tonight we all get a little more sleep. I am hoping to whip up some new summer designs soon even though it is tempting to just go out and play! The kiddos are home for the summer and I am looking forward to that easy summer living. I have a feeling it will be an adventurous summer for sure even if we never leave our neighborhood.

Enjoy the pics of our new addition and keep Silver Spoon Scraps in mind for all your summer parties!