Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Goodies

I love this time of year, you can smell hope and cookies in the air. Anywhere with family and friends is the perfect place to be. I took some time over the weekend to invite a few of my kiddos neighborhood friends over to make faux gingerbread houses with graham crackers! This is a fun activity and with kids you can't go wrong with icing, cookies, candy. I started by gluing together some boxes I had, tweaking them a bit to form a house shape. From there you gather up graham crackers to be used as the gingerbread, icing for glue and any candy you can find to decorate with. I also whipped up some simple punch and sugar cookies for them to snack on, house building can be exhausting! Everyone had fun, even the hubs got in on a little houe making and whipped up one with the kids. After all the candy was either on the houses or in their bellies it was time to call it a day and I made a few projects of my own.

I started working on a Christmas wreath made from ooodles of white tulle and dug in my vintage Christmas stash to find goodies like mercury ornaments in pink, silver, glitter bells and I couldn't resist adding in tons of vintage millinery leaves in various shades of pinks! To top off the wreath I took an old Sweetheart doll and whipped her up an oufit from vintage shimmer tulle, gave her some pink feather wings and I was in love! I do have her on the site to purchase though it will be hard to let her go! I love being knee deep in holiday projects from glitter to baking nothing makes me feel more warm inside than sharing and crafting alongside my children. More holiday goodies to come! I am thinking Christmas giveaway........

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall is Here!

The sweetest witch you will ever meet! How bad can you be on a pink broom?

New Scrapbook Cover for my Vintage Halloween 6 x 6 scrapbook, a few peeks at all the goodies
you will find inside!

Embrace your inner witch with the "Witchy" Hat perfect for wearing to your fall parties or to use as a centerpiece on your fall table.

New charm with a gothic, grungy edge! I loved working with the altered doll head and vintage black lace.

A dainty, lady like witch!

Pumpkin Princess hat, just right for the Jr. witch or as a decoration.
Fall is finally here and I have been enjoying working in a darker tones, I love living in my pink world but this time of year you get to be a little edgy! I don't usually get to work with altered doll parts, or so much black. It is fun letting my creative juices go into a different direction and create new items like the Halloween inspired soldered charms. I usually work with vintage baby, children's themes and the occassional wedding. My house has been getting spruced up this week as well. I took down my cheery banner with polka dots, pink and mint and in its place went up a banner in true Halloween fashion. I created one with orange and white polka dot paper, vintage sheet music and black strung up on vintage black seam binding in the classic triangle shape. My breakfast nook even got new curtains! I picked up some orange and white polka dot fabric and hung up in my five windows then topped them off with black, orange crepe paper fringe. Our table was treated to a white lace runner atop black fabric and added some vintage Halloween party hats, and nut cups. Just as soon as I started admiring it and feeling accomplished my son reminded that Christmas will soon be here and wanted to know when I would start decorating for that! I am just going to enjoy the season and creating my new goodies! I hope you enjoy the picture of little Priya being a witch! We had to laugh with the pink broom and all! It is fitting for her, such a girly girl!
If you are interested in any of the pictured items they can be purchased on my website
Thank you for reading, have a wonderful fall season!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Hats at Silver Spoon Scraps

As an artist you always love creating new things. I must create each and every day, it is like air to me. Often once you start a creative business you get in a rut when you must remake the same designs for clients. I put this up there when singers complain of performing the same song 1,000's of times. Though I am not a rock star I can feel their pain! I know what is like to make a masterpiece, to put all your juice into it- you think it's over but no. The life of this masterpiece has just begun, in fact it takes a life of its own. When stores call me up and want x amount of a certain design I am happy- Hey it's a recession and I have a job I love but at the same time my creative self shutters a bit that I don't get to let loose and do something new. I am finishing up a few wholesale orders right now and you can bet my internal artist clock is counting down to start fresh and put my mark on something new. I am dreaming of whimsical Halloween designs ( don't tell anyone but today I sneaked in some time and made a few spooky charms). For now I will share some new Hats, happy creating.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Start Up Nation Home Based Business Vote for Silver Spoon Scraps

It is the second annual Start Up Nation Home Based Business Competition. This contest has several categories and you will find Silver Spoon Scraps in the recession busters and most glamorous. We are so excited to be part of this again and with your help may have a shot at winning! There are so many wonderful at home businesses and we salute each and everyone. If you want to vote and read our profile information just click the vote for us button. We will be adding the widget soon to make it easier.

I want to thank all my wonderful customers for making it possible for me to stay home, work and be creative. I love being part of your happy times and chatting with each one of you. I truly feel blessed to be able to use my hands and share a bit of myself by creating my items. I want to share a picture that is courtesy of Brooke Palmer Photography and is also the profile picture of our Start Up Nation Entry. I am honored Brooke purchased several of my hats to use as props for her own business. Thank you Brooke for sharing the photo!

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Puppy

I went and got the new puppy itch similiar to that I want a baby feeling. With two kiddos and a cat we decided our house wasn't a home without a puppy! I did some research and just fell in love with the Old English Sheep Dog. From their irresistable shaggy coat to their need to be in a car I knew it would be a fit. I was lucky to find a breeder not too far from home and off we went to pick up our new family member. Bam Bam was his name given by his breeder and we decided to keep it, even though horse would have fit just as well. He has some personality! I am pretty sure he thinks the kids are sheep and really wants to herd them! We are working on his relationship with the cat (Lazlo) but so far Bam Bam's approach is a little overwhelming for Mr. kitty. Sheep dogs have this clownish hop jump thing when they are playing that the cat just doesn't like. We are on day three and while we love the playful days the nights are hard. He just wants to be close to us and is resisting the crate training. He spends the night whining and whimpering. I am crossing everything that tonight we all get a little more sleep. I am hoping to whip up some new summer designs soon even though it is tempting to just go out and play! The kiddos are home for the summer and I am looking forward to that easy summer living. I have a feeling it will be an adventurous summer for sure even if we never leave our neighborhood.

Enjoy the pics of our new addition and keep Silver Spoon Scraps in mind for all your summer parties!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am so excited about this news! I will be teaching my first Art Workshop honoring Mothers Day! We have a great Studio in downtown Taylorsville Kentucky- The Sanctuary Arts Center and we have collaborated to offer a mixed media class. I will be teaching how to create a collaged journal for mom. I will be sharing some of my vintage art supplies from millinery flowers, vintage trims & notions and vintage paper. I will demonstrate the basics and allow the class to personalize their journal as a gift for Mom or to take home for themselves. The class will only cost $20.00 with all supplies being provided.
The Arts Center has a gallery featuring local artist and are opening up their upstairs studio space for classes. If any of my fellow bloggers live near Kentucky ( Taylorsville is just a hop/skip from Louisville) to join us! The class will be on Saturday May 9th from 3-5 and tea, refreshments will be served. A fun day for all ages, bring mom, a friend or have a day to yourself! I am hoping this class is a success with many more to follow! There are so many creative souls out there I encourage all of you to reach out to your community and share your talents.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Spring Desigs, Bunnies and Pink Pretties

I hope the smell of spring has hit you, usually the time change signals it for me! I hate losing that hour of sleep but I also know warmer weather is around the corner. I know I am suppose to be spring cleaning but for me creating is just so much more fun! I prefer spring decorating to the deep cleaning part. I think I will be updating my couches with some new pillow covers made from vintage tablecloths in several rose patterns.

I have been whipping up lots of custom goodies for parties lately and I just had to share! Nothing beats the last of the winter blues better than creating pretties in all the colors of spring. After many months of getting sock monkey request I finally got to do some girly stuff! One set of pics shows a darling new banner style I have been working on with lots of fringe. I made matching party hats and centerpieces for two little girls. The next set of party goodies is a frou frou bunny hat and matching guest hats.

A client contacted me and wanted me to match up her daughters beloved stuffed bunny so I did my best in recreating it for the hat. I even gave the bunny her own hat and gave her a millinery flower bouquet. Enjoy your spring cleaning or creating!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Springing Ahead

I have been MIA for sometime it has been a busy month for my family with the holidays and our Birthdays! Miss Priya just turned 3 and I couldn't be prouder! We are also recovering from a snow and ice storm that has left many without power for two weeks! My heart and prayers are going out to these families and I hope you will keep them in yours as well. It is the bitter cold that makes it so bad. I am thrilled with todays weather and I am hoping this warming trend continues! I am a solar powered gal and I need the sun and warmth to feel like myself.
I have also been creating new items for my website by adding matching items to the party hats. I have been working on cupcake picks, centerpieces, banners and oodles of pretties! I will share pics soon of the new merchandise!
I have been staying busy with wholesale orders and I am happy that these small boutiques are still doing well and choosing to carry my products. I have also been staying current with the new lead laws and beyond thrilled they decided to wait til next year to enforce new testing standards. I know these laws were intended for the big buys and toys produced in China but these laws were about to shut down the handmade industry here in the USA! I thought Silver Spoon Scraps was about to be shut down for a while but this news keeps me in business along with the 1,000's of others who make their living by creating and selling goods for children.

I hope each of you who read have a blessed day. I will share a few pics of my sweetie and her Birthday at Chuckie Cheese.