Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So Little Time So Much Fun!

Ok its so close to Christmas and I know I should be cleaning today but I was so excited last night about my daughters upcoming 2nd Birthday( Jan 3) I just had to start working on a special creation for her. I have had this idea swirling around and finally got to create it! I love crepe paper and how versatile it is and the effect it gives is like no other. So here is my latest creation for Priya I am going to be doing special orders for similiar ones on my etsy shop and probably will put some on my website as well. I had to make a hat for her too I still think it needs a number 2 on it so its not 100% complete yet but whatever is around here! I really believe you can't have enough, over the top is beautiful!!!!!!!! Less is never more in my book. I am looking forward to spring and working on projects for weddings/showers etc. I can't get enough of girly, frilly stuff. Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful, whimsical time of year-until next time


Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Holidays

Our tree this year has a pink theme with all the vintage glass ornaments and some handmade ones with a victorian look!

My yummy pink wreathe creation! I want to leave it up all year, my husband said it doesn't really look like Christmas- Oh well you can't win'em all!!!!!!

My tabletop tree which my kids can't leave alone not to mention the cat!
This is my first blog and I decided to start over the holidays! I love Christmas and all the crafting, cooking ( not so much the cleaning) and seeing how my children react as well, you cannot put a price on building a gingerbread house or watching your children watch a first snow or how their eyes dance around ornaments on a tree. I stay at home and run my little shop Silver Spoon Scraps- http://www.silverspoonscraps.com/ I am having so much fun doing what I love, crafting my heart out. There isn't anything else I would rather do it really makes me feel like a kid again to be surrounded by glitter, glue, ribbons and lots and lots of pretty paper! It is my dream come true to create and share with people what I have been doing most of my life.

This week I am having company come my Husbands family and I am excited my sister-in-law and I are two crafty gals and together who knows what may happen! I have been trying to get our house company ready and I am still planning the menus. We just completed our house a few months ago so it still has a way to go on personalization, most walls are white which I love but walls are still bare I need to unpack all my goodies and get them up. We have always lived in historic homes so this is new for us. I love Victorian homes and the whole lifestyle. I try to bring that craftmanship and whimsy into my work I am drawn to the graphics from Victorian until midcentury and anything pink! Well I am off to cleaning and decorating I will leave you with a few picks until next time.


My new ad designed by Shabby Suites and my newest creation this darling baby collage just like the vintage ones! I have several styles available in my shop and on etsy, vintage baby items are my weakness!