Monday, May 26, 2008

Show and tell Monday gets Kitchy!

I hope you all are enjoying this long weekend, I had a pretty good one. Saturday on the way to the park there was a few yardsales where I snagged up a white chenille for $0.50!!!!! That made my day then when I got home I was so excited because there was a package for me ( I knew It was coming but still) It was a lot of vintage cupcake/cake decorating items I had won from ebay you know how sometimes you win, sometimes you lose on ebay this time I WON!!!!!!

When I bid I was a skeptic because the listing had one lousy photo and not very good description but it was like $8.00 for a large lot that was to include cupcake/cake items for baby, Birthday and a few ballerinas. When I opened the box there was a big ole' bag of vintage ballerinas! I also found tucked in some tissue an old wedding cake topper with millinery flowers atop! I told my husband this was the mother load. There were other goodies too so I will have plenty of supplies and inspiration for some new projects!

My mama's Birthday is next week so I also started working on her a crown that says Birthday Queen and of course I used one of my ballerinas! I hope she loves it, I will have to ship this present I do wish we could be together for her special day I may try to surprise her haven't figured out the details yet. She always made me the nicest Birthday cakes growing up no matter what we had cake! My favorite was a cake she made with raspberries and she made the icing with raspberries and cream cheese YUMMO!

With all this kitchy goodness I had to share a few pics of my own kitchy kitchen, I hope you enjoy I warn you there is alot of pink and alot of whimsy! This isn't your average stuffy kitchen no not here, you will find traces of powdered sugar, a few too many cake plates, sippy cups and my pink mixer. My vintage stove and pink mixer tie for my favorites, my stove isn't energy efficient I am sure but that thing means business. I saw a new tv commercial about a new stove top that boils water in 90 seconds I guarantee mine beats that! You don't have to go above a 3 to boil or fry on my stove. This can be good or bad depending on who is cooking here, guest usually won't brave it! I am used to it now but newbies always want to crank it up to 10 and I think that might melt my house! Well enough for now, enjoy your weekend I hope you are enjoying some yummy treats!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Show and tell Monday

I am a member of Make Mine Pink and the gals have decided to do a show and tell Monday which is a fun way to catch up on what we have been doing and creating! I had a wonderful weekend one of my old friends came for lunch on Sunday so my husband and I cleaned for a day before and of course my kids were behind us making messes! The house wasn't perfect but I focused more on lunch. I made BBQ ribs, white corn, honey rolls, my special dill tater' salad and Strawberry Cake. I am a huge Paula Deen and she had a new recipe for Strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese icing. It was yummy, nothing beats a homemade cake especially when it's a pink cake! Oh I almost forgot I made some strawberry lemonade for us to drink with lots of fresh fruit inside the pitcher.

I also finished up a few projects I had been working on. I have been trying for a few weeks to complete some projects you know the ones you start and abandon after you get swamped! I love working with paper but sometimes I get too caught up with my site and custom work and don't get to finish my projects. I have been loving crowns since I made mine for the MMP contest and wanted to try a paper crown. I have made the metal ones but wanted something less time consuming for fun. So here it is hope you enjoy, I used a funky hot pink and black paper and embellished with pink and black crepe paper fringe and added a rosette on top!

Ok I am also going to tell you how to make the yummy strawberry lemon/lime drink I made for my friends, this is for two pitchers I made one in my fancy glass one for the table and put the reserve pitcher in the fridge for later!

You will need

2 pitchers

1 frozen lemonade concentrate

1 frozen limeade concentrate

1 container frozen strawberries

4 lemons

4 limes

2 cups of simple syrup

fresh strawberries for garnish if you desire, looks great on the glasses when the berries are sliced in half, half way through.

Divide up the frozen strawberries half in each pitcher, next divide up half of each lemonade and limeade concentrate in each pitcher. You will then want to pour 1 cup of your simple syrup in each pitcher ( more of less if you want it sweeter or if you like it on the sour side) Fill up each of your pitchers with water then whisk your mixture together. You will then want to put 2 limes and 2 lemons sliced up in each pitcher. Pour over ice in your glasses garnished with your strawberries. This will wet your whistle on a hot day, sooo refreshing oh and if you are watching your sugar try splenda instead of the simple syrup taste great!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Breakfast Nook

Ok I finally decided to share some photos of my house! It is a mess and I am sad to say we haven't completely decorated yet but it was a lovely weekend and I unpacked a few boxes from the garage and found some of my goodies I have been missing like these plates! I decided to hang above our dining nook.

The curtains in our nook are vintage pillow case panels purchased as new old stock, they were never used as intended and when I came across them I knew I had the perfect spot for them. There were two pink, two mint and one lavender so I just clipped them up on rods and voila curtains!

The rest of my house may need some attention but I am pleased to have completed this little project this weekend.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scrapbooking Memories

Wanted to share a project with you, its a scrapbook dedicated to all things vintage girly! What could be more FAB! I have a boy and girl but I cannot lie I just love pink, throw in some vintage and you have me. I do love creating vintage boy trinkets especially since I know what a rarity they are. This post though is all about pink.

I started with a blank chipboard front and bank, painted, distressed and assembled. I then went to work on the interior pages by adding paper bag pages. The pages can hardly be seen once I added my cardstock. I love pulling out the sewing machine for these books, I sew first on my cardstock then attach that page to the paperbag page. I probably couldn't sew through the paper bag and my sewing machine has been good to me so I won't test it. She gets a little irritated when I experiment.

Each page has its own layout and includes lots of movable goodies like vintage photos and greetings. I also add vintage ribbon and lace. The great thing is each paper bag page acts as a big ole pocket for more storage of extra photos that didn't make it on the page or other memorabilia you want to keep from that special day.

I just finished a book like this with a vintage school theme which was a wonderful project to work on. It was for a teacher who has about 30+ years in! She loved vintage school photos and wanted a place to put her memories and years of memorabilia into.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cupcake Hats!

I have been having so much fun making these hats and they have turned out to be some of my best sellers. I thought though for all those upcoming parties I needed something new so I am debuting the Cupcake Hat! I had some yummy vintage brown crepe paper that I love working with, the texture is so different from new crepe paper and I knew it would be perfect for the cupcake base. I hope people love these, I can do them in most any color combination, and I am still playing around with sprinkle options and toppings.

I am showing the pink but as a momma of a lil' boy you know I will be offering them in blue and about any other color you can dream up! This really started out of the need for a special hat for my daughters 1st Birthday, I wanted something a lil' whimsical, part vintage for her photos so I made her one with vintage chenille. I hope you will follow your own creative path to see where it leads, you never know where your next "big" idea willl come from!