Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Hats at Silver Spoon Scraps

As an artist you always love creating new things. I must create each and every day, it is like air to me. Often once you start a creative business you get in a rut when you must remake the same designs for clients. I put this up there when singers complain of performing the same song 1,000's of times. Though I am not a rock star I can feel their pain! I know what is like to make a masterpiece, to put all your juice into it- you think it's over but no. The life of this masterpiece has just begun, in fact it takes a life of its own. When stores call me up and want x amount of a certain design I am happy- Hey it's a recession and I have a job I love but at the same time my creative self shutters a bit that I don't get to let loose and do something new. I am finishing up a few wholesale orders right now and you can bet my internal artist clock is counting down to start fresh and put my mark on something new. I am dreaming of whimsical Halloween designs ( don't tell anyone but today I sneaked in some time and made a few spooky charms). For now I will share some new Hats, happy creating.