Sunday, September 28, 2008

Halloween Projects

I have been away tooo long my blog friends! I hope you did not give up and forget about me, rest assured I have been thinking of you! I have been traveling and busy with the new bedding line. I am in the process of working on my business plan and trying to find Angel investors who would be a good match for Silver Spoon Scraps. The business side of my job isn't so much fun so I have tried to take a few breaks by creating some new Halloween goodies and of course fueling up with ice cream. Ice cream is an essential component to writing a well rounded business plan I am told. Feel free to do your own research.

I love this time of year when the air has a slight nip, the leaves begin to turn and the stores are filled with spooky treats. Don't forget the overload of fall festivals to enjoy! My family loves getting out and sampling the fares. I have never met a caramel apple I didn't like or a fried pastry of any kind.

Why does this post seem to have a food theme? I guess fall brings out the baker/taster in me. My town will host two festivals this month and the kiddos are thrilled. Last weekend we did the Kentucky Heritage festival where there were FAB local artist and a grand opening of the Art Sanctuary. I think I will try and set up next year. We will also attend the fall festival next weekend where I hope to find some pumpkins for fall decorating. I love buying local and supporting our farmers who work so hard.

I will sign off with a few photos of my Halloween creations, I hope to offer more in the next few weeks so check the website! First up is a Halloween paper crown that features a vintage cat from my Victorian scap pile. I am also sharing my witchy hat that has the spookiest photo of some kiddos lookin' kind of creepy! I have embellished with vintage millinery, lots of glittery crepe paper and a vintage "Halloween" scrap, Both are available for sell on the site or my etsy. You may also email for custom Halloween treats
Happy creating/baking/tasting to each of you!

Monday, September 1, 2008