Monday, January 14, 2008

It is Monday and a new week begins, This week I am going to work on new designs some fancy little nut cups and work on my new Valentine scrapbooks. I am doing two scrapbooks for the season one featuring vintage valentines for children from the 1940's-1950's then another one with a more romantic theme that will have lovely Victorian images. This time of year is so much fun and really allows me to do what I love and be as girly and glittery as I want! It is no time for restraint!!!!

If Valentines Day has lost some meaning for you I suggest finding a display area on your counter, table or dresser and fill it with your favorite romantic items. Pull out those photos or pieces that bring back sweet memories and display them and add a few new pieces while you are at it. Displays are a great way to show off the things you are passionate about but perhaps don't fit in with your everyday style I know many people who don't like clutter or go more modern throughout the year can take this time to bring out those little knick knacks! If you need some Valentine items check out my website and look at these darling new nut cups I have been working on I will do several designs but each set of 4 will be different. I will be taking special orders as well if you need more than 4 for a party or shower. I love these at a dinner party of lunch with the girls!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Crowning Glory!

Today is Friday and I have been busy working on a custom order for a member of MMP she wanted some special goodies to celebrate her daughters birthday and I came up with a darling crown. It has been a labor of love and I used some of my vintage crepe paper stash, a two-toned crepe paper that was used to make flowers from the 20's! It was dreamy, I will be taking custom orders for these and I can make them in almost any color as long as I have or can find the materials the sky is the limit. I hope you enjoy the pics.

Have a wonderful sparkly day and remember its Friday!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Monday

Its Monday blog friends but for some reason I am still feeling great today! I am starting my day working on orders and new ideas and its the first day of my diet! EEEEK!!!!!!! I want to look my best or the best I can be after two babies for the Country Living event in March. I belong to Make Mine Pink besides my own website and so many of my pink sisters are going and I had to meet them! This new year is like a fresh start and I hope to increase business and keep the creativity coming. I truly adore creating and I would be lost without it I have been doing it most of my life and I love when my mom finds my earliest works like a pop-up card from when I was 4! It must have been my calling. I would love to hear from any of you who are reading this and who have checked out my website any ideas, comments, suggestions are always welcome I do what I do for the vintage lovers out there and those who can't get enough of frills, glitter and anything girly! I had my son first and it was so hard to find cute things for his room it was a mission to find vintage items and fill his room with nastalgia then my little girl came along and of course if there wasn't enough pink in my house we filled it even more. It is nice having another girl around hopefully she will grow up loving it. She just celebrated her 2nd birthday and I will post some new pics of her party and some of the little favors I created soon. Have a wonderful day out there!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Hello to my readers today I am creating and working on an order for several scrapbooks, seems they do best no matter what else I come up with! I love working with paper though so versatile and seems like an endless supply of pretty paper out there to be had and of course the vintage paper when you are lucky enough to snatch some up! I really just adore vintage graphics as you can tell I don't know what it is for sure that draws me in I think its a number of things from the nastalgic feel you get, to the sweet coloring, and that they are from simplier times. Sometime I wish we were in simplier times as much as I love technology like this computer which allows me to blog and share my story I wonder how life would be without so much stuff! and while computers are nice they really stink when they crash!!!! I am trying to mesh old with new in my home and how I raise my children I don't like a tv in every room or computer and I like to play games with my children and do activities that don't revolve around television. I love to hear them laugh and play that is a beautiful sound that tv just can't compete with. Well for now I must go and tend to some work but I leave you with some new pics of new things for I really enjoy my shop and sharing my love of all things vintage with my customers/friends.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year, New Plan

So its the new year officially and of course we all start to make our list what will we change what will we do differently how much weight to lose, blah blah blah. This year I am thinking big I really want to devote more time to my business and streamline how I run things for my work and home which is no easy task with two small children under foot! I know so many other women are trying to balance the same things I think for me I really need to create a schedule and stick to it. I am going to devote blocks of time for tasks and see how that works instead of trying to fit everything together. I am often wrangling kids, fixing lunch, glue gun in hand and checking emails so this year I am going to try new ideas for home and business. I have so many new ideas its hard to contain them all! Heres to an organized crafty 2008! To all of you I wish you blessings for the new year and feel free to share your ideas for organization of stuff as well as time I need all the help I can get. My talents are being crafty and thats where it stops!