Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Where Has Summer Gone

Wow has our Summer gone by fast! Some of my most memorable moments this year would be going to the Beach where we had a wonderful visit with family, attending the farmers markets, watching my antique roses bloom and my number one.... sleeping in! I find this a big luxury when you have a busy household including a mix of pets, children and a spouse with crazy work hours!
How I will miss these easy Summer mornings when lunches don't have to be made, children aren't off to school and how can I forget all the homework. There is just something about all of us being together that I really love. I know most parents are sooo ready for kiddos to be at school again and I have my moments. It is mostly so I can get back to working in my studio on a regular schedule. I really try to wind business down a bit so we can enjoy the slower pace of life during the Summer. I have a few crazy hectic moments but we really try and get out to parks or even in our own neighborhood for family fun.

Recently I have been trying to work on my diet going from Vegetarian to mostly Vegan and giving up my morning espresso. It hasn't been easy cutting out dairy. That has always been the hardest to give up for me. I truly had a love affair with cheese and breaking up isn't easy....
I have been having fun experimenting with Vegan baking using up all those fresh berries from the farmers markets.

We have had a pretty nice year for our own little garden, we currently grow in four raised beds and we have plenty of tomatoes this year! I have been making salsa like it is my job lately which thankfully is Vegan so I can munch on!
I would love to hear from anyone with some creamy Vegan recipes that won't send me running back to my ex-cheese!

When the kiddos do head back to school next week I have a whole list of things to do like paint my bedroom ( which hopefully will be a redo blog post), get on a workout schedule daily and do a little cleaning around my websites &

Enjoy the rest of your Summer days and hold those Summer memories close to your heart.

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