Saturday, February 23, 2008

Make Mine Pink

As a member of Make Mine Pink I have to promote just a little bit all the wonderful talented women there and the founder Joyce Lucas. Joyce has been named one of Country Living Magazines women entrepreneurs of the year and in March many MMP members will attend the big event in Chicago. We are so lucky to have her, she is so willing to share her experiences and keeps us on our toes, she watches out for us and is always available if we need one on one help. While in Chicago we will cheer her on and get to meet and mingle with other business owners and each other! I have made so many friends at MMP but never met any of them, now we do chat on the forum and even if you aren't a member you can do the public forum and join us for coffee chat. We go over a diverse range of topics and support each other in all we do.

One topic we have lately is branding our business and being the best we can be for our customers. One thing you will find among all the MMP shops is customer service, each and every one go the extra mile with not only their product but packaging and presentation. I know there are many stores out there where you can purchase unique items but the next time you are in need of a gift, a token of affection check out the shops at You are supporting women in business and will find an array of items ranging from quilts, tea sets, handmade dolls, mosiacs to shops like mine where you will find scrapbooks and handmade - vintage inspired items for baby, wedding and everyday. Buying handmade just feels right and at MMP many shops have gone green. Crafters have been repurposing items for many years and more than ever its an important and relevant idea! Buy handmade, Buy green, Buy MMP!

I have one shop to mention I found on etsy who is helping me "brand" my business, I wanted to purchase a custom stamp that will match and relate to my website, and business cards so when you get a package from me you will instantly know!

Official Initial
They are a wonderful mother daughter duo who can create a stamp unique to you, not just for a business but for a wedding or just a special Thank You stamp with your name, address, etc. I am just so pleased with their service so far, they have worked with me over a few days to get my stamps just right for me. You should check them out! I can just see the stamps for so many gift ideas this season.

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Your blog is lovely and you are doing a wonderful job.Congrats!