Sunday, February 10, 2008

Seeking Spring

I am so ready for spring, summer-just some sun and warmth would be nice! The good thing about all this wintry weather is it gives me plenty of time indoors to complete projects. Something about those sunny days though that fills me with inspiration. Most recently I have been working on Easter tag books made from envelopes and vintage Easter graphics. You can find them on my site I am also working on a some new scrapbook themes- vintage wedding, and a boy book. I make so many girly and pink books and I have promised several customers to start making some boy books! One very important customer is my son well he's more a critic than a paying customer and he swears to hate pink! So my goal and promise to him is to make more boy stuff. I hope you will check the website often and see what I have been working on.


gail said...

Hi Sita, this is so much fun. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I managed to get your blog added. I am so excited. Your page looks great! xxoo gail

Debbie said...

Hi Sita....your blog looks so nice....I wanted to tell you that Spring is on my blog now...come over and visit soon!

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