Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Hello to my readers today I am creating and working on an order for several scrapbooks, seems they do best no matter what else I come up with! I love working with paper though so versatile and seems like an endless supply of pretty paper out there to be had and of course the vintage paper when you are lucky enough to snatch some up! I really just adore vintage graphics as you can tell I don't know what it is for sure that draws me in I think its a number of things from the nastalgic feel you get, to the sweet coloring, and that they are from simplier times. Sometime I wish we were in simplier times as much as I love technology like this computer which allows me to blog and share my story I wonder how life would be without so much stuff! and while computers are nice they really stink when they crash!!!! I am trying to mesh old with new in my home and how I raise my children I don't like a tv in every room or computer and I like to play games with my children and do activities that don't revolve around television. I love to hear them laugh and play that is a beautiful sound that tv just can't compete with. Well for now I must go and tend to some work but I leave you with some new pics of new things for I really enjoy my shop and sharing my love of all things vintage with my customers/friends.

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